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AFN-CRC Community Injury Prevention Needs Assessment Survey

In May 2007, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) which outlined 4 areas of cooperation: emergency preparedness, disaster management, humanitarian aid, and injury prevention.

With respect to injury prevention, the CRC has much to offer through its many programs; for example, swimming and boating safety, first aid, and first responder training. In fact, the CRC has been active in many First Nations communities through their Aboriginal Coordinators outreach program.

In order to better understand how the CRC can help First Nations, the AFN is asking First Nations communities to complete a small injury prevention needs assessment survey. The results will be used for program planning and coordination of joint activities.

Who should complete the survey?

This survey is targeted at First Nations Health Managers or individuals who work in a similar capacity. The respondent should be aware the injury and safety issues, the types of injury prevention programs that may have taken place, and any past relationship with the Canadian Red Cross.

What will happen to the survey when I return it to the AFN?

This is an AFN survey. All responses will be considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. We also expect to produce a series of reports and presentations using summary statistics; that is, data grouped in a way where individual communities or their responses cannot be identified. Given the emphasis on CRC programming, we will seek their input to assist our analysis and drafting of recommendations.

How do i participate?

  1. AFN Health Bulletin | A paper version of the survey was sent to each First Nation community in the Summer edition of the AFN Health Bulletin. Complete the survey and fax or mail it into us at the number/address provided.
  2. Download the survey in PDF | Download the survey from here: AFN-CRC Survey Form (pdf 129 kB). Complete the survey and fax or mail it into us at the number/address provided. Note: it is not possible to email the pdf to us.
  3. Complete the survey online | Access the online version of the survey from here: AFN-CRC Survey Online. Enter the appropriate information and submit your responses. Note: an email will be sent to you in order to verify the submission.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Phat Ha

Assembly of First Nations
Suite 810 – 473 Albert St.
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1.800.869.6789, x.391