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In November 2008, indigenous leaders and experts in tuberculosis from across the world gathered in Toronto (Canada) to develop an action plan to address the burden of TB among indigenous people. This initiative is an extension of the STOP TB Partnership (STP) and is critical in bringing issues specific to indigenous peoples to the global stage. The agenda included discussions on:

  • Why is an indigenous specific approach to addressing TB required?
  • Who are the key stakeholders at the national, regional and global levels and how can linkages be made and strengthened?
  • What are the considerations in developing culturally appropriate strategies to combat stigma and raise awareness?

Please refer to the Executive Summary (pdf 1.4 MB) for a complete description of the meeting.

Conclusion of Experts Meeting and Next Steps

The meeting was a great success. Indigenous leaders were able to gain a better grasp of TB and how it affects their people. Similarly, experts in the TB community came away with a better appreciation for the unique issues affecting indigenous peoples. By the end of the meeting, two resolutions were passed by the group:

Resolution 1 - It is hereby resolved that an action plan will be submitted to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) on health at the next forum meeting and that a side event be planned on the topic of Indigenous TB control as part of the STP.

Resolution 2 - It is hereby resolved that the STOP TB Partnership (STP) Meeting scheduled for March 2009 in Brazil recommend a specific reference to the Global Indigenous Stop TB Experts meeting report and outcomes on the Brazil agenda.

Since the meeting in Toronto, a Strategic Action Plan (pdf 1.5 MB) has been finalized and the results of the meeting were presented at the March, 2009 STOP TB Partnership meeting in Brazil.

AFN Regional Chief Willie Littlechild addressed the meeting and highlighted the success of the November 2008 meeting of global indigenous leaders.

STOP TB Partnership meeting, Brazil, March 2009. In this photo: Carolyn Pim (Public Health Agency of Canada), Anne Fanning, Helen Littlechild, Regional Chief Littlechild, Paul Sockett (Health Canada), Michael Riggs (World Health Organization), and Kim Barker (Assembly of First Nations).


Global Indigenous STOP TB Experts Meeting

Annual STOP TB Partnership meeting, Brazil, March 2009

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